Areas Of Employment Litigation

Areas of Employment Litigation

We Don't Handle Unemployment, State Disability or Social Security Benefits Claims or Appeals.

California has the strongest laws in the country when it comes to protecting employees. The attorneys at Potter Handy LLP Employment Rights Law Firm will evaluate your case and help you understand your rights. In fact, you may not even realize that your rights are being violated because you are unaware of the expansive California Employment Laws that protect you.

Below are some of the different areas in which our attorneys can protect your rights in the workplace:

Age Discrimination

Employees who are 40 years of age and older are protected from discrimination and harassment based on their age.

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Disability Discrimination

An employer may be liable for unlawful discrimination if it fails to provide reasonable accommodations for an employee’s disability.

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Employer Retaliation

It is unlawful for your employer to punish you for filing workplace discrimination or harassment complaints, and more.

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Employers are prohibited from retaliating against an employee who discloses what he or she believes is a violation of law to a government or law enforcement agency.

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Genetic Discrimination

An employer may never use genetic information to make an employment decision because genetic information is not relevant to an individual's ability to work.

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Gender/Sex Discrimination

Gender/Sex discrimination at work can be blatant and come in the form of sexual misconduct, whether physical or verbal.

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Race/Color Discrimination

Racial/color discrimination involves racial animus, intentional acts, or policies that impact a racial group negatively even if that was not the intended result.

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Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is one of the most common forms of discrimination. It is a form of discrimination that can occur in several contexts.

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Violation of Medical Leave Laws

Employees under the FMLA/CFRA, and denied medical leave or terminated either after the request or soon after returning from leave, you may have a claim for violation.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a broad term. As such, the state of California does not have only one sexual assault designation: it can include rape, threats, sodomy, seduction, and much, much more.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment normally takes the form of unwanted sexual advances, conduct, comments or discussions. This more common form is referred to as creating a “hostile work environment.”

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Wrongful Termination

Terminated for reasons that you suspect are related to your race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, request for medical leave or an accommodation, or reporting a violation, you may have a claim.

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Wage And Hour Violations

When a non-exempt employee works over eight hours in a workday, and/or over 40 hours in a workweek, an employee is entitled to overtime pay at a “time-and-half” rate for all extra hours worked.

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