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    Employer Retaliation

    California employment laws are among the strongest in the country. Not only do our laws protect you from discrimination and harassment in the workplace, but they also protect you from retaliation for engaging in activities that are protected under state and federal law. Some examples of these activities include making a complaint of harassment or discrimination at work, reporting unequal pay, filing a wage claim with the California Labor Commissioner, filing a lawsuit, or opposing illegal practices.

    Some telltale signs that your employer is retaliating against you following your participation in a protected activity include: negative performance reviews, denial of bonuses or promotion, increased workload, micromanagement soon after making a complaint, denial of raises, denial of ongoing training, withholding information such that you cannot adequately perform your job, and termination.

    You should always make written complaints to your supervisor and HR. If you have done this and your employer is not helping you, call the employment attorneys at Potter Handy, Employment Rights Law Firm. (858) 365-9722

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    California Workplace Retaliation Laws

    Under California employment law, employers may not engage in workplace retaliation against employees who

    • Report violations of law
    • File or assist in a "qui tam" lawsuit under the California False Claims Act
    • Request reasonable accommodations for a disability or their religious beliefs
    • Oppose, complain about or participate in an investigation of workplace harassment or employment discrimination

    These workplace retaliation laws fill an important gap in California employment law. While employees are protected against wrongful termination in a variety of circumstances, employees who do not lose their jobs--but instead experience adverse employment actions, abuse or other forms of retaliation at work--have a harder time finding legal remedies.

    But the workplace retaliation provisions of California's whistleblower laws and Fair Employment and Housing Act ("FEHA") retaliation laws provide a legal remedy for employees whose employers retaliate against them--but do not fire them--for exercising their rights under these laws.

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