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    Mark Potter - Employment Attorney

    Mark Potter, a distinguished attorney and a named partner at Potter Handy, LLP (Potter Handy), has forged an impressive legacy of success in both state and federal courts. Mark does not shy away from the hard fights for his clients. With a practice focusing on litigation, Mark has litigated over 2,000 cases to conclusion, including winning in trial and summary judgments. More than 150 of his cases resulted in precedent-setting-published opinions, including a newsworthy win against two powerful and corrupt District Attorneys, Chesa Boudin of San Francisco and George Gascon of Los Angeles, who demonstratively failed the people they were elected to serve. Potter Handy defeated those two corrupt DAs at the trial court level and in the appellate court despite the unlimited government resources at their disposal.

    Mark is a recognized authority, and has been consulted by judges and interviewed by many print and TV news outlets, including CNN. Mark has legal expertise in wildfire law, mass torts, employee rights, consumer rights, personal injury, and other areas. His vast experience litigating a variety of cases has made him sought after for advice and representation from judges, lawyers others who what the best for their case. Mark has generously given countless lectures and presentations on a variety of legal matters over his three decades as a lawyer.

    Mark Potter always puts clients first. This emphasis on the clients is not just on results but in the way that clients are treated throughout their representation. A key principle within the Potter Handy law firm is that clients must be treated with love and respect at all times. No one will outwork Mark and his team to get their clients the best results and to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

    Mr. Potter will fight for your rights in the workplace and empower you to regain your dignity if you have been a victim of mistreatment or unfair business practices by your employer.