Race/Color Discrimination

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    Race/Color Discrimination

    Discrimination in the workplace based on race or color occurs when an employee is subjected to differential treatment in the terms and conditions of employment based either in whole or in part on their race/color. If race or color is a motivation factor for the differential treatment, even if other legitimate factors exist, they are being discriminatory. Some examples of this include denial of promotion, denial of benefits of employment, termination, and even differential treatment towards an employee due to their relationship to persons of a certain race or ethnicity.

    Racial/color discrimination involves racial animus, intentional acts, or policies that impact a racial group negatively even if that was not the intended result. Thus, differential treatment and disparate impact are two different ways an employee can experience racial discrimination.

    Race discrimination is intolerable in the workplace and has been illegal for decades. If you feel you are experiencing differential treatment due to your race or color, please get in touch with Potter Handy – Employment Rights Law Firm. (858) 365-9722

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    Recognizing Race/Color Discrimination in the Workplace

    Race/Color Discrimination occurs when an employer takes an adverse employment action against an employee or job applicant because of that individual’s race. Common examples include:

    • You apply for a job and are turned down. The employer refuses to explain why but you notice that the employer has only hired applicants who belong to the same racial group.
    • Your employer announces layoffs for the company to begin next week. Only employees, or the vast majority of employees, laid off are of a certain racial group.
    • You receive less compensation than other employees receive based on your race rather than your job performance, education, skills and training.
    • You are repeatedly turned down for promotions that were given to less qualified employees of a different race.

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